What all channels should have in their Twitch Profile

twitch profile setup
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How important is your Twitch Profile?

What and how much information you share in your twitch panels can be the determining factor for the success of your twitch profile page. When people join your stream, they rely on your info panels to get some insight about who the person playing the game is and whether it’s worth their time to stick around. If you aren’t making full use of your twitch panels then it’s highly likely that you’re missing out on more than a few new subscribers.

Think about it this way. If the person watching the stream isn’t a premium subscriber then they have to sit through a 15 – 30 seconds ad. Your twitch panels should have at least enough information to keep them occupied for at least 15 – 30 seconds. Optimizing your Twitch panels in such a way to convey what your channel is for and set a precedent for what to expect from your channel is a great way to gain active subscribers as well as adding a more professional feel to your channel. Here’s everything you need to know about optimizing your twitch Panels for the maximum results.

What’s Your Channels Value?

The way your Twitch Panels look and the information they convey directly affect your channels value. Sure, anyone can make Twitch panels but not everyone can make Twitch Panels that actually look good and interact with the audience. One of the finest examples of what a great Twitch Panel set-up should look is Summit1g’s account which we highly recommend you check out.

The first panel on the top right of your twitch wall should be used to answer the most important question every viewer has which is “Why should I watch and follow this channel?” This is the panel where you make your pitch to get them to stay on your stream long enough for the ad to finish. This doesn’t mean that you have to go over the top and write some detailed piece about what they can expect. Keep it short and simple to give them an idea of what to expect. You can always edit this panel later in the future after you hone your skills by adding more personality and flare to it.

Some things you want to include in this panel are what kind of games or activities your stream, do you interact with your audience while playing, how often you stream and some personal info that reflects your love for what you do. In short, add anything you want in this panel that might help convey your channels value to a viewer.

Your Social Media Links

social media info panel
social media info panel example

If you want to grow your online following then adding a panel for social media links is a basic step to achieve a larger following. Having a panel set up for social media opens more opportunities to interact with your viewers even when you’re not streaming. If you’re aware of the social media effects then you should already know who something that becomes popular on social media helps increase more subscribers and followers. Your viewers might even share your streams with their friends or family or their own followers which is a great way to gain more subscribers.

Gear & Specs

specs info panel example
Stream setup specs example

Half the time I tune into new streams is to see the kind of rig they’re running games on. Having a panel dedicated to your specs can do wonders for your channel especially if you’re using affiliate links. This doubles as a great source of additional income and adds a more profound feel to your Twitch wall.

Your Streaming Schedule

streaming schedule info panel
streaming schedule info panel

Including a panel about your streaming schedule is necessary even if you don’t follow any set schedule. What time do you stream is one of the most frequently asked questions which is why it’s crucial that you make this information readily available. If you don’t follow a streaming schedule then it’s highly recommended that you set on one up. Having a streaming schedule lets your subscribers know when you start streaming, like a TV show. If you’re bent on being a free spirit that don’ follow any schedule make sure to let your viewers know using the panel.

Promotional Links

If you have a site or want to help promote a friend, then Twitch Panels are a great way drive traffic to a website and help support others. This helps foster a sense of community showing that you aren’t only looking for yourself. Though there may not be much in it for you but imagine how you would feel if someone else had your twitch name and Link on their wall? Pretty good right! Plus, it’s highly likely that people would want to repay the favor which could open up avenues for new viewers through collaborations and guest appearances.

When it comes down to it, you can use Twitch Panels on your wall for anything you want as long as you don’t go overboard or make it look unprofessional. Having a loosely put together Twitch wall with panels can do more harm than good which is why using high-quality Twitch Panel art is highly recommended.

Subscription Information

In the subscription area with twitch you need to really show what is gained by subscribing to the channel. With the addition of of tiered subs and emotes that are only for certain tiers you can show those here. Some channels also have their own connected sites using the twitch api to give benefits outside of twitch. You can can also setup a special discord or curse chat only for subs that you can do giveaways etc easily. Make sure to list out what perks in chat the user will get example: All Ads removed, immune to slow mode etc.. You make want to link to a view of all your emotes like found here.

sub emotes example
Sub Perks emotes link example

Donation button and Top Cheers and Donations

top donation and cheer panel
top donation and cheer panel

First of all make sure you have a donation button setup and alerts right when you start streaming. Getting support for your content is great and can provide you with what you need to go full time in the future. This can supplement your income with subs once you get partnered with Twitch. I would suggest making this two separate panels, one for the donation button and link and the other for your top donations. Top Donation section really gives you another chance to thank your top supporters and shows them that you care about them as a viewer. Some channels even have an overlay for the stream that showcases the top donation of the day or all-time.

Chat Commands

Most channels have bots that help display information about the channel if the user types a certain command in chat example !uptime may display how long the streamer has been online. It is great to have an info panel setup with the commands so you wont have to answer as many questions the whole time you are streaming. You can setup commands for special events etc or to show your stream specs etc, really any information you want viewers to have access to that will make streaming easier on you.

About you

This section is to tell viewers some information about you and really connect with them on a real level. Tell them why you love streaming or some of your back story about how you got started or some of you work background. Some streamers just stream as a character and make up a fun story here to entertain and promote the channels theme. You don’t want to give too much information like where you live sometimes just because you don’t want someone finding your address and Swatting you or sending random pizza deliveries

Overall make you twitch profile fit your channel and setup. The best way to get ideas is to look at already established channels and see how its laid out. If you have questions about graphic sizes etc check out our Stream Setup F.A.Q.



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