Stream Setup and Specs for sodapoppin

sodapoppin stream setup
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What is some the gear sodapoppin uses for his stream setup?

This is part of his current setup from what we know. He also has upgraded his stream to use a DSLR camera this last year. Sodapoppin said that it cost him around 3k for the camera setup if not more. The quality of his closet setup is working out great this last year into 2018.

(We can only hope his setup survived his recent house fire. Thankfully he had plenty of backup closets haha)

If you want to check out his setup live make sure to follow his channel and watch!


(Some items may be out of date over time for his setup or may not be exact model specs. We do our best to get it as close as possible or a slight upgrade to what he has if its not available)

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