When will DrDisrespect Return?

dr disrespect returns!
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2018 The return of DrDisrespect!

This year DrDisrespect took his place as one of the top gamers and streamers on Twitch.tv. The two time was going to as many events as possible and even streaming live from a boat as he played PUBG. Nothing seemed to be able to stop this giant from taking over and million dollar deals…

With the Doc winning multiple awards and getting back from DreamHack it seemed he was primed to take 2018 by storm and keep the ball rolling (The face of Twitch). But then one day this happened… He started the stream which everyone thought would be a normal start to the day.

Dr Disrespect entered the stream not as his normal Slick Daddy Character. He came as a man humbled and needing to get something off his chest… he then told his viewers live in only a way the Doc could. He admitted to be unfaithful to his wife and his family as a whole. You can see the video of Dr Disrespect for yourself below.


Now the doc has been silent for a while now but his community has not. The Slick Daddy Club  on reddit has shown support for the Doc and really miss everything about his streams and who he was as man.  Personally the Doc really grew on viewers over the year when he made statements like this about suicide and what his viewers may be going through in their lives. Moments like this is what the Doc will be known for.

This is a message for DrDisrespect, take your break and take care of your family. Your viewers understand but remember you built a family in the gaming community and they are ready for the Doc to Return to his throne as the face of twitch.


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