Dr DisRespect Announces his Return!

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DrDisrespect Returns! The face of Twitch

Dr DisRespect announced his return in a way only the Doc could. With a knife held to his throat which we assume was his wife. It seems from the video posted on his twitter that a total revamp of the Doc’s Slick Daddy Club is in order.

doc returns video

It may be that his wife will take a greater role in the streams and be more a part of the Doc’s career overall… Mrs Disrespect? We will soon find out as he said the return will be Feb. 5th. With the growth of some of the bigger channels on twitch.tv it will be interesting to see what numbers the Doc is able to pull. With streamers like Tyler1 getting almost 400k viewers in one stream. The bar has been raised since the Doc left.

I am sure Dr. Disrespect is up to the challenge and hopefully is revamped and pumped up to be welcomed back for a new year and hopefully a rebuilt trust with his family.

doc returns feb 5th

watch the full video on his twitter

Dr Disrespect Twitter Returns


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