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Twitch Stream Designers – Mega list!

Finding the right designer for your channel is more important than you may think. Finding a designer that is willing to customize the art for your needs and give you commercial rights is important when it comes to your channels growth in the future. High quality images that can be used in your stream setup, social media accounts and branding merchandise in the future. Well designed emotes have helped some streamers grow just because they have an emote that takes off and everyone wants to use it. Read More about “Twitch Stream Designers – Mega list!”

Top Streamers Setups and Specs

One great way to improve your stream quality and avoid major issues is to learn from what other streamers have used and apply it to your stream. This can be what software they use for notifications down to what HD camera or even chair they use to stream long hours. If you really like a streamers setup then use that to your advantage and build your stream setup around it. We will provide specs to some of the top streamers setups from the information we can find. Read More about “Top Streamers Setups and Specs”

Stream Setup Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.

This Stream Setup F.A.Q. is a growing list of questions and answers related to stream setup.  You can search for already submitted F.A.Q’s or you can submit your own question that you are looking to get answered related to streaming. Submitted questions can be twitch streaming setup, You-tube Gaming setup etc related or any other part of your experience with stream setup.

More information will be added to this list as streaming platforms update or add new features. If you are a streamer and want to share some knowledge with others we will be happy to post an F.A.Q. you submit and provide credit and a link back to your channel. Make sure to include your Twitch or You-tube channel name in the author field. Read More about “Stream Setup Frequently Asked Questions – F.A.Q.”

Get Special Stream Setup Offers and Graphics!

Stream Setup Shop

Your live streaming setup doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find affordable equipment without lowering the quality of your stream. We have broken down each area of a potential streaming setup and found products at great prices. Not every setup is the same. Make sure you are building a setup around your streaming content and style. For example not everyone uses a webcam while streaming. Lirik is one of the top variety streamers and he doesn’t use a cam. He focuses on game play and even role playing in a lot of games that he streams. You may be a IRL streamer and would need portable equipment to travel and stream with. Read More about “Stream Setup Shop”

Stream Setup Reviews

If you are looking to build your twitch streaming setup but really do not know what products will fit your budget this is a good place to start. Getting the best quality for your money while putting together or upgrading your setup is important. We review and find the best products we can for the price so you don’t have to!

If you want us to review your product for streamers or stream setup let us know. Contact us HERE. Read More about “Stream Setup Reviews”

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